1. Is it possible to take part in the course while working full time?
-Definitely. The course will take place once a week in the afternoon, so it will not collide with
work hours.

2. Do I need a technological background to participate in the course?
-No. The course is open to all the Unit’s alumni, regardless of their background.

3. Do I need an idea for start-up?
-No. The course is suitable for people without an idea at time of registration, but there is a
need for a concrete willingness and intention to be a part of the entrepreneurship world.

4. If I am already working on a project with a team, can we all apply to program as a team?
-No. The program is individual. All members of the team who are Unit’s alumni are
welcomed to apply for the program, but each member’s application will be considered

5. If during the program I am going to be abroad, can I still apply?
-Participating in all the program’s meetings is mandatory. It is possible to miss up to 2
meetings during the entire program.

6. Is something required from the participants except from attending the meetings?
-Yes. During the course home assignments will be handed, that later will be part of the
course’s workshops. Preparing the assignments is mandatory.

7. What happens after the program?
-After the program the participants will be a part of the program’s alumni and will be able to
use the knowledge, tools and network they received in order to advance the projects.

8. Are the lectures in Hebrew?
-Yes. All the lectures and workshops will be in Hebrew.

9. Can I apply while I am a college student?
-There is no prevention for students to apply as long as they have the time and commitment
to meet its requirements.

10. Does the course costs money?
-No. The course is free. All is required are will and commitment.

11. How is the course different from an Accelerator?
-An Accelerator is a program targeted to accompany existing start-ups during their work.
SCOLA is a program for participants who doesn’t necessarily have a start-up idea, and it’s
goal is to give tools and knowledge about the entrepreneurial world, and prepare the
participants for their attempt in opening a start-up.

12. Where can I see details on the program?
-One the program’s website www.scola.org.il