Big Brothers & Sisters

The “Big Brothers” program was created to help SCOLA students to do their baby steps in the startup world. The program bridges the gap between early stage entrepreneurs and the AMIT ‘top-notch’ mentors.
Nitzan Shapira
Co-Founder & CEO at Epsagon
Adi Shemesh
Founder & CEO at TRENCH
Ami Luttwak
Co-founded Adallom (acq. by Microsoft)
Amit Bareket
Founder and CEO at SaferVPN
Ariel Zeitlin
Co-founder and CTO at GuardiCore
Boaz Ackerman
Former co-founder and CTO at FeedMe
David Yaish
Co-founder & CEO at Lingacom
Eitan Cohen
Founder and CEO of ASIC Depot
Eran Eidinger
CTO and Co-Founder of Adience (acq.)
Eran Kirshenboim
CTO & co-founder of flok
Gal Bracha
Founder & CTO at Blinq
Guri Oron
CEO at BlueWind Medical
Guy Leibovitz
Founder & CEO at D.Day Labs
Guy Wertheim
Co-founder and CTO at Comilion
Idan Ofrat
Co-Founder and CTO at Yeloha
Ilan Kaplan
25 years of diverse Entrepreneurial experience
Itzik Mizrachi
CTO of HopOn
Liran Zvibel
Co-founder and CTO of Weka.IO
Meir Adest
Co-founded SolarEdge (IPO)
Menny Barzilay
CEO & Cyber Strategist at FortyTwo
Ofir Farchy
CTO and co-founder of a new venture
Omer Dror
Former CTO & GM Israel of Taykey
Omri Palmon
VP Product of Weka.IO
Ori Mor
Co-founder and VP R&D at Wi-Charge
Rami Amar
Co-founder and VP R&D at Alooma
Tom Barkan Benkler
Founder of Flybrain
Yaron Magal
CTO at Terralab/Terra Venture Capital